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~Leadership Coaching

~Strategy Development and Implementation
~Impact Measurement

~Team Building
~Board and Staff Alignment

Elizabeth is an ICF-certified and Hogan-certified coach and advisor to nonprofit leaders. An experienced, mission-driven leader, Elizabeth has a proven track record of driving growth, innovation, and impact in a range of organizations working to solve complex social problems.

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Your organization has an urgent and important mission, and you know you need to grow your support and reach to achieve your goals.


You need a clear, actionable strategy, well-defined goals, and a plan for measuring progress and impact.


Your board and staff must be aligned, and your supporters require a compelling theory of change and case for support.


You need to inspire and motivate your team, and unleash their creativity and innovative impulses. 

You will benefit from working with me if you are:

  • An organization preparing to launch a large fundraising campaign: If your board, staff, or donors lack clarity and alignment on your mission and goals, your campaign will suffer. Before launching a new campaign, and even before spending time and money on a feasibility study, make sure your organization and your community are well prepared, fully bought into the goals, and primed to make the campaign a success. 


  • A leader who knows her team could perform better and achieve more: There is nothing more frustrating than watching your team, made up of bright, passionate individuals, fall short on delivering their mission. As their leader, you hold the keys to unleashing the team's highest performance. Whether you are highly experienced or new to the top role, you can benefit from coaching and objective insights to lead your team to greater impact.

  • A development director who needs to develop a strategy and plan for getting support for a new initiative. 

  • An organization looking to reorganize the team or rethink the structure to achieve greater impact and efficiency.

  • An executive director or board chair whose organization's support and reach are declining. 

  • A founder with a killer idea (but no idea how to get it off the ground). 

Ask me anything about nonprofits.

This chatbot is trained on high quality resources, but it's still got some limitations - just like any  robot. If you don't find what you're looking for, or if you are interested in  more custom advice, consultation or coaching, please reach out!

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